Get started – use digital solutions based on standard e-documents

It's about simplifying and streamlining your business. Make time and create space for what you love to do and do best – developing your business and business relationships.

Digital solutions and e-documents give you as a business owner many advantages. They create the opportunity for efficient internal processes that increase your competitiveness and raise the digital ability and level of your business.
Below we go through three different user stories – eInvoice, eOrder and eCatalogue – and describe how your business can take advantage of the opportunities that exist and create a more efficient and smoother everyday business life.
If you do not currently use a digital business solution, it’s our strong recommendation that you start! Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to get started.

User stories

An eCatalogue gives you as a buyer and seller a distinct and direct overview of goods and services. There is much to gain from using eCatalogue. As a seller, you can more effectively display your goods and their quality. As a buyer, you can, for example, more easily compare different goods and services. Let us exemplify with the following use case. 

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Using eOrders is a key part of streamlining your business administration and creating a safer and more secure way to manage your orders and deliveries. For example, as a buyer you can receive an order confirmation that can be digitally documented with the commitments the supplier gives for the delivery. And as a seller, eOrders can be used to optimise stock and create better delivery security for all customers.

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Using e-invoicing in your business has many benefits. You get better control, save time and significantly reduce the risk of errors. It's also an environmentally friendly and more sustainable way to manage the buying and selling process. In the use case below, we go through the benefits that e-invoicing brings you as a business owner – with security and safety at the heart of it. 

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