eReceipt user story

Using eReceipt in your business has many benefits. You get better control, save time and significantly reduce the risk of errors. It's also an environmentally friendly and more sustainable way to manage the buying process. In the use case below, we go through the benefits that eReceipt brings you as a business owner – with better control and time saving at the heart of it. 

eReceipt user story

Employees at NorSupplier AS are going to a business meeting in Helsinki, Finland. They take a taxi from the airport to their hotel. They use the company card for these payments.
The payment system in the taxi registers card information and payment. The system also has the number plate of the car registered and also provides information on where the trip started and ended, and number of kilometres driven, among other things.

The backend system to the taxi (ERP) receives the information from the taxi and finds out the organization number that belongs to the company card number. The system collects all information and fills this into fields defined in the NSGB eReceipt format. ERP then sends the NSGB eReceipt to its access point, which forwards the transaction to NorSupplier’s travel account system.

NorSupplier’s travel account system stores all eReceipts so that when the employee wants to have NorSupplier AS cover their expenses, it is easy to add them to the various expense items in the system.

  • When the travel invoice is stored as a machine-readable file in the NorSupplier AS travel account system, it is easier and faster for the employee to find it and link it to the various expense items than it would be to scan, save and upload the receipt in the system based on standard classification; an aggregated analysis for the company´s purchase is performed.
  • Increased trackability and quality of information.
  • More efficient audit and each eReceipt can only be recorded once into system.
  • Reduced number of eReceipts with an incorrect amount and VAT rate, or because scanning and machine reading may also interpret other numbers incorrectly.
  • Ability for NorSupplier AS to report travel expenses more efficiently to the authorities.
  • Ability to automate invoice handling towards eReceipt.
  • Opportunities to analyse and report the environmental footprint regarding business travel.
  • Options to receive machine-readable receipt messages cross-border and national in the same format and via standard transaction method.
  • Reduce paper consumption by having fewer paper receipts.
  • Reduced number of requests for copies of receipts from customers who have lost them.
  • Simpler auditing.
  • Simpler reporting to authorities.
  • Higher levels of customer service.
  • Improved processes for loyalty programs.
  • Streamlining of internal processes.
  • More efficient analyses of purchasing behaviour.
  • Increased bookkeeping efficiency.
  • Increased turnover.
  • Transactions can be sent domestically and across borders in one format and via a channel (Peppol Network). This reduces integration costs by replacing one-to-one integrations with one rather than many.
  • By using a standard format for the exchange of eReceipt, solution development costs are reduced.
  • As the market (customers/buyers and suppliers) becomes more mature and arrangements are made to connect buyers and suppliers, this is more simply done via one network, hence the service is easier to sell to the market.
  • Integration costs reduced by using an open network based on a standard format.

Nordic SME – what to do to get digital

Becoming digital means you improve all your processes and are more competitive in your national, Nordic and European market using a single solution, rather than adhering to a manual and inefficient way of communicating with your customers and suppliers.

NSG&B has carried out a pilot that proves systems can send and receive cross-border eReceipts via an open network.
The format must be further developed so that it becomes an eReceipt standard that can be used via a standard transaction network.

We would encourage this development to take place and for many systems to adopt the standard format and this way of sending transactions nationally and cross-border in an open network. This will create efficiency in the processes for the individual employee, for the SMEs that must cover travel expenses, and for service providers who perform eReceipt processes.

Project manager Jan Andre Mærøe

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