Participating Swedish authorities

Watch the movie about the NSG vision (in Swedish)

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“Today we have agreed upon eight initiatives for digitalisation, business and growth in the Nordic region, and I am particularly pleased that the work with NSG will continue. 
Through continued co-creation between the business community and authorities in the Nordic region, we can create an eco-system for financial information that will bring great benefits to our businesses.”
Ibrahim Baylan
Sweden's Minister of Trade and Industry
Quote from meeting with the Nordic Ministers of Trade and Industry September 1st 2020 where the strategic roadmap for NSG was approved (translated from Swedish).

"Nordic Smart Government is one of the most important Nordic collaboration projects within the business sector in 2018-2020. Working to simplify work processes through digitalization is a unique opportunity to report and obtain real-time financial data."
Mikael Damberg
Sweden’s Minister for Home Affairs, former Minister for Business and Innovation