Digital business documents

High-quality data is the foundation for a future ecosystem of data-driven processes in the Nordic countries. Data is generated in the daily business processes of procurement, but to get the benefits of high-quality structured data, buyer and seller have to use digital business systems to capture the data.

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Digital business documents

The goal is to streamline the processes and let the systems do most of the work for you so you can focus on your core products/services and be competitive in the Nordic / European market. Both private and governmental organisations will benefit of a digital process.

In Digital Business Documents we will define effective processes and link standard formats to the process so Nordic service providers are able to communicate seamless between each other on a national and Nordic level. We will also facilitate a way of reporting VAT based on the transactions you already have done through invoice transactions.

The following deliveries are scheduled in Digital Business Documents:

  • Invoice, ordering, catalogue based on Peppol BIS format communicate through Peppol Network
  • VAT reporting based on invoice data to national tax authorities
  • Establish eReceipt and capture the data in your system and exchange of data to other systems
  • All Nordic countries are connected to Open Peppol and there is a broad use of Peppol BIS standard amongst service providers supporting invoices. The public sector is a driver for the adoption of the Peppol BIS and Peppol eDelivery network for B2B (SMEs) as well.  There are other formats used in other sectors and exchanged in many different ways. To reduce the cost for SMEs the goal is to increase the adoption of one standard format and one way to exchange the transactions. 
  • Cross border transactions are already in place but to a limited extent. Largest adoption in digital invoices, limited adoption in orders and catalogue and no adoption in receipts. 
  • There are existing services for the SMEs to use for digital business documents such as catalogues, orders and invoices.  E-receipts lack standard format and infrastructure and the process needs defining and onboarding of key stakeholders covering these services. 
  • Reporting of VAT through transactions needs to be investigated further with the Peppol Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) project as a key stakeholder together with Open Peppol.
  • SMEs can use services that simplifies and makes the business processes more efficient. 
  • Easier for SMEs to do business within the Nordic region
  • SMEs use of structured data will improve data quality and makes both bookkeeping and auditing more efficient and automated.
  • Service providers can grow their business without high investment and broad adoption of digital business documents will encourage new services in the market helpful for the SMEs to improve their competitiveness.
  • Plan and method for documentation and measurement of current degree of adoption of Open Peppol in each country and use of standard Peppol BIS documents.
  • Identify the processes and process definitions.
  • Map service providers in the Nordic countries and their compatibility towards standard formats and processes. Plan for onboarding of service providers covering both buyer and seller needs.
  • Alignment and content for VAT in the standards and reporting.
  • A standard Nordic eReceiptformat (frontrunner-role for EU/International standardisation) based on existing international standards (UBL).

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Jan Andre Mærøe

Jan Andre Mærøe, project manager Digital business documents and Product information

Project manager Jan Andre Mærøe

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