NSG&B ViDA-pilot attracts attention

We are breaking new ground - the pilot work on ViDA report is attracting attention in Europe and we see that many organizations are planning and preparing for what is to come regarding ViDA

  • 3. November 2023
  • News from Nordic Smart Goverment and Business

Jan Andre Maroe, project manager, for NSG&B tells us more about the pilot that has started. 

It is clear that the European Commission's work to control VAT in Europe is an area that receives a lot of attention. We at NSG&B are happy that the Nordic countries can pilot an effective reporting method based on invoices so that the European Commission can gain experience before any regulations and demand new ways of carrying out this form of reporting in the future.

What will the focus be for the ViDA-pilot? 

Simply put, it is about using existing VAT information in a standard invoice sent through Peppol Network for reporting and quality control. This is to find out and hopefully verify correct use of VAT codes and rates in transactions with the aim of increasing the quality of both VAT codes and rates cross border and domestic.

The work will be based on standard formats and transactions in the Peppol Network between all Nordic countries.

What do you hope the pilot will show and perhaps verify? 

The pilot aims to prove The Once Only Principle from the commission and our main objective is to contribute to increased efficiency for the SMEs by replacing a manual reporting process with a digital process. This is where we can really make a difference and make things easier for SMEs 

Furthermore, we aim to assure and verify that: 

  • The same information which is sent in the invoice for the seller can be reused to report VAT to national tax authority
  • The same information which is received in the invoice for the buyer can be reused to report VAT to national tax authority
  • Tax authority can use the information to reduce incorrect VAT use by national SMEs by means of information to the market based on analyzes of UNSPSC classification and VAT codes and rates.

The work is attracting a lot of interest - why, and can you give some examples?

There are many questions to be answered and explored about ViDA and Continues Transaction Control of VAT. Many initiatives are ongoing and we are very happy to be able to contribute in this area.

It is also very pleasing that we are attracting so much interest. NSG&B has been asked if we can assist pilots in other European countries, which we are happy to do if we have the time and resources for this. We have many exciting projects and pilots to carry out, for example refunding VAT based on eReceipt. 

Vida report process and user story

Read the description of the ViDA report process in the form of a user story

Jan Andre Mærøe


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