FAQ about NSG&B

Frequently asked questions about the programme Nordic Smart Government and Business. Do you have a question? Send it to us - and we will get back with an answer!

Question: What is NSG&B?

Answer: NSG&B (Nordic Smart Government and Business) is a Nordic collaboration program between 14 Nordic organisations, lead by the five Nordic Business Registries and with financial support from Nordic Innovation.

Question: What is the vision for NSG&B?

Answer: The vision is to create value for the SMEs by making real time business data accessible and usable for innovation and growth across the region, in an automatic, consent based and secure manner.

Question: What's the core idea of NSG&B?

Answer: The core idea is that structured and standardised business data can be shared automatically and thereby replace burdensome manual handling of data exchange. This involves alignment of digital systems and services as opposed to digital silos, and requires collaboration across sectors using the business data.

The mission is thus not to implement a centralised IT-system, but to enable and facilitate a transformation of the Nordic ecosystem and business processes, both nationally and across the Nordic borders. 

Question: What are the goals on a Nordic level?

Answer: The Nordic prime ministers have a stated ambition to make the Nordic region the most integrated region in the world. One of the goals is to simplify the lives of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and to create new business opportunities and growth based on economic data, and thereby support a more competitive region.

Question: How can the lives of SMEs be easier?

Answer: Once Nordic Smart Government and Business is fully implemented, it will be easier for businesses to interact with other businesses and authorities. This requires that systems processing business data – both private and government systems – become connected, so information can flow seamlessly and be shared.

Question: Who can benefit from NSG&B, who are the stakeholders? 

Answer: Two million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) comprise more than 90 percent of the Nordic businesses, and they form cornerstones in our societies and to our future welfare. There are large benefits from NSG&B for SMEs, as well as for all the other major stakeholders, such as Business system vendors, Financial service providers, Business associations, Authorities and other stakeholders. These stakeholders are all keyplayers in the future digital ecosystem.

Question: How is NSG&B organised?

Answer: There are four solution areas in the Nordic Smart Government and Business programme. There is also a program management organisation (with national team leads) and an operations office. Read more about the organisation.

Question: What's a solution area?

Answer: To focus on different aspects, challenges and stakeholders in connection with NSG&B, four solution areas have been formed to manage and coordinate the ongoing work:

  • Digital business documents and Product information
  • Open accounting and Simplified reporting
  • Born digital
  • Reliability and data quality

Question: How can I find out more about the solution areas?

Read more about the solution areas (current situation, user scenarios, key activities and deliverables).

Question: How do I participate in the collaboration?

Answer: If you want to participate in the collaboration, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

Question: Are there national contacts in my country?

Yes, there are national teams and national contacts for each Nordic country participating in the programme.

Question: How can I find more information about NSG&B?

Answer: Besides the "About us" information you can also find a selection of public files and documents. For example the Roadmap for realisation of the Nordic Smart Governmentand Business ecosystem, the NSG&B implementation plan as well as various reports and presentations of NSG&B.

Do you have a question?

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What is digital documents? What are the benefits of NSG&B for SMEs? What are the challenges for NSG&B? Why is collaboration so important?

Watch a short video where David Norheim, member of NSG&B CAB (Change Advisory Board), does his best to answer those important questions!

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