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Digital Transformation in the Nordic Business Region - now you can sign up for five free webinars in October - about the results of Nordic Smart Government and Business!

Take the opportunity to join, broaden your knowledge and engage in discussions on digitalization and creating a smoother, more secure Nordic business environment – sign up for the October webinar series from Nordic Smart Government and Business!

  • 14. June 2024
  • News from Nordic Smart Goverment and Business

Over the past few years, NSG&B has closely collaborated with private actors to create good conditions for seamless cross-border trade. During our work we have gained numerous valuable insights along the way - now it’s time to share what we have learned!

In October, we are launching a webinar series that delves into several key issues for the Nordic region. Topics include VAT in the Digital Age, Digital Business Documents, Reliable Nordic Business Data, and Simplified Business Startups – covering a wide range of fields.  

All of these topics share a common goal: leveraging digitalization and Nordic collaboration to create new value for the region's 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises.

By attending, you will gain valuable insights from experts, engage in thoughtful discussions, and discover possible future solutions that can be applied to your, or your customers, business operations.

Who: The webinars are primarily for stakeholders supporting SMEs, such as business system providers, ERP-vendors, business organizations, authorities, accountants, auditors, financial experts, banks, information analysts- and providers. But everyone is of course welcome to sign up and participate!

When: The webinars will be held on October 8, 9, 10, 11 and 22.

More information on the individual webinars is available using the link below.

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