The vision of Nordic Smart Government and Business

The vision of NSG&B is to create value for the SMEs by making real time business data accessible and usable for innovation and growth across the region, in an automatic, consent based and secure manner. 

This programme is one of a kind in the Nordic Region and will create value for businesses, public authorities and society by sharing data across the region in an automatic, intelligent and secure manner. Nordic Smart Government and Business is a driver of an integrated Nordic region, which is the ambition of the Nordic Prime Ministers. The programme was launched by the Nordic Ministers of Business in May 2018, and is supported financially by Nordic Innovation.
Once Nordic Smart Government and Business is fully implemented, it will become easier for businesses to operate with other businesses and authorities alike. This requires that systems processing business data – both private and government systems – become connected, so information can flow seamlessly and be shared. 

Take a look at our Nordic Smart Government and Business film to find out more about the vision, further down on this page.

Roadmap and Implementation plan

The roadmap of NSG&B defines the major strategic steps towards strengthening cross-border trade, supporting Nordic integration, and towards establishing an ecosystem based on the business data of Nordic SMEs. The roadmap should not be regarded as a five-year plan set in stone, but more as an agile strategy that identifies the possible actions needed to realize the potential of NSG&B, step by step.

The implementation plan covers the first implementation period of the Roadmap, from 1 st March 2021 to 30 th June 2024. The six solution areas presented in the Roadmap are in the implementation plan oranized in work streams. This is to ensure sufficient coherence and alignment, handling of dependencies and reducing risks. 

The ecosystem will provide real time, detailed and structured data on demand, and thus serves the different needs for data in both business and government decisions. The availability of real time data in the ecosystem opens up for new opportunities such as the development of new data-based products and services that can create value for both public and private actors.


  • Reducing administrative burdens and saving time by automating financial processes and reporting
  • Transparent market and therefore increased trust in business partners
  • Data is available for insights and informed business decisions
  • Better competition and a more effective Nordic market
  • Simplifying cross-border business via aligned standards
  • Easier credit validation
  • Easier to be an entrepreneur

Service providers

  • Improved access to quality data for innovation and new data-based services
  • Innovation, growth and product development
  • Access to the Nordic market


  • Improved data for more efficient government and administrative purposes
  • Improved transparency and tax auditing
  • Easier to supervise and control 
  • Alignment of national digitalisation initiatives
  • Minimal document management

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NSG&B welcomes other Danish Fintech companies to contact Patrick Danielsson if the possibility of accessing the test environment seems like a good opportunity to get a feel for the coming Nordic ecosystem.