Update on the pilot to send e-invoices across the Nordic borders

High-quality data is a foundation for a future ecosystem of data-driven processes in the Nordic countries. Data is being generated in the daily business processes, but to get the benefits of high-quality structured data, buyers and sellers (SMEs) need to use digital business systems to capture the data.

The pilot of sending an invoice in the buying and selling process between SMEs and across the Nordic borders is now started – how is the work going?

  • 14. December 2021
  • News from Nordic Smart Goverment and Business
Solution area 1 Digital business documents

The NSG members in “Digital Business Documents” that work to secure a business environment where digital business documents are used, thereby creating a smoother everyday life for our Nordic SMEs.

Jan Andre Maeroe, project manager for digital business documents, please give us an update

– The purpose of the pilot is to test access points within the Peppol platform, together with service providers and SMEs in their role as buyers and sellers. Using structured data from the start when buying and selling is the basis for what we want to create within NSG. The opportunity and ability to use digital business documents is key to the great simplicity we want to create for the Nordic region's 2 million SMEs.

What will the outcome of the pilot be?

– I hope that the pilot will verify that we have at least one service provider in each country that can send and receive invoices in standard format via the Peppol network.

Why is this important?

– When we achieve good quality through digitization as early as possible in the process, the SMEs will get efficiency effects since the following steps in the process can be partially or fully automated. An example is order and invoice match. If you send your order via an ordering system with an order number to your supplier, and your supplier enters that order number to the invoice, these two documents can be automatically compared.

Where in the pilot are we?

– We have recruited service providers and are now in the process of getting companies to carry out the pilot with us. We hope that this first pilot will be ready before we go on Christmas vacation.

How do we move on from there?

– We will of course share the results of the pilot here at, at the same time as we go into the next pilot work with order and catalog, which will be in Q1.

We also wish and need to communicate with the entire service provider market, so we have an idea to build up a service provider community led by NSG. Among other things, the community shall make it easier for SMEs in the five Nordic nations to start using e-documents in their everyday business life.

Is there an opportunity for those interested to join the pilots?

– Of course. Within NSG, we are always looking for different stakeholders and actors to co-create with. If you are interested in participating, or if you are just interested in knowing more about what we are going to create within NSG, please contact me. We are here to inform and guide you further or to start a collaboration with you and other actors.