Starting up a pilot together with service providers – looking for you!

Are you a Peppol service provider and interested in participating in a pilot with us? Great.

You and your organization have the chance to be a part of an exciting co-creation across the Nordic borders where we within NSG, together with actors from the private and the public arena, explore new opportunities to take advantage of the power of digitalization.

  • 19. November 2021
  • News from Nordic Smart Goverment and Business
Pilot digital business douments

At the moment, we are looking for service providers who are either in production with one or more of the processes listed below or want to establish services for them. The processes will be performed based on Peppol BIS and the transactions via Peppol Network between buyers and sellers.
We will pilot the following business processes cross border between the Nordic countries:

  • Invoice
  • Ordering
  • Catalog

The objective of the pilot is to test access points within the Peppol platform, of the above mentioned business processes, together with service providers as well as SMEs in their role as buyers and sellers. As a service provider and a participant in the pilot you can choose to participate in piloting one, some of, or all of the business processes – you don’t have to participate in all.


Do you want to know more about the pilot, sign up, or just want to get to know more about what we are about to create within Nordic Smart Government and what opportunities come with it - get in touch with me and we will continue to discuss plans and coming prospects.

Contact the project manager for Digital business documents, Jan Andre Maeroe


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