Open accounting

Open accounting consists of sharing an entity's data with users of information in a standardized and structured way, which enables real-time view of the relevant information. Our focus is to find the relevant use-cases for open accounting together with our different stakeholders and help the development of open accounting in the Nordics.

  • Currently there is no standardised way of sharing bookkeeping and transactional information from the bookkeeping systems. Even though some file formats exist, they are not used to their full potential.
  • No standardised way of integrating other business systems or services with the main accounting system.
  • No standardised way of transferring historical bookkeeping data into a new bookkeeping system, and other services.
  • SMEs can change service provider and business system without losing essential historical data.
  • SMEs can easily make use of new systems and services that depend upon access to bookkeeping data.
  • System Vendors make it easy for potential customers to start using their system.
  • Banks (and other Service Providers) make it easy for clients to share bookkeeping and accounting data with them in order to automate processes so that they can provide excellent services (access to credit, benchmarking and advice, etc.) based on the bookkeeping data.
  • Service providers find it easier to integrate essential information sources into their systems.
  • Clarify the scope and ambitions of Open Accounting, including risk analysis for the core use cases; limited scope for short term, higher ambitions for a long term.
  • Define Nordic target state for Open Accounting.
  • Finding out the main use cases for open accounting together with key stakeholders and finding out the potential business cases.
  • Standardisation and interoperability: Methods, formats, and security mechanisms (including authentication and authorization mechanisms) for accessing structured accounting and bookkeeping information (standard APIs).
  • Design and plan for further development of the Nordic ecosystems support for Open Accounting, including interoperability between national formats and charts of accounts, validation service, lookup service, authentication, authorisation and consent.

Project manager Anttu Osanen

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