Once only is one too much

Today we are working hard to reduce the reporting burdens for businesses, the goal is "once only". The Nordic collaboration programme, Nordic Smart Government, however has a more ambitious goal - once only is one too much!  This was the main message of the presentation that Special Director David Norheim from the Brønnøysund Register Centre held at the Data Association's conference Software 2019.

Better sharing of financial transaction data between businesses, and businesses and their service providers and avoid reporting by government getting access to real-time data. Imagine the enormous benefits this opens for Nordic business and industry, says David Norheim.

Simplify administration
The vision of Nordic Smart Government is to simplify the administration for small and medium sized enterprises, SME's, in the Nordic region and create growth by effective and innovative use of data, digitalisation and automation.

The aim of this program is to present a road map with regulatory and technical requirements for implementation in public and private systems – across the Nordic region.

Value of real-time data
The ambition is to define what is required to create an ecosystem of accounting systems and systems for real-time access to aggregated information and what can promote its use. We also want to show the value of real-time data and identify how we can meet the needs of the different players who need financial information.

To be able to achieve our goal we have to describe regulations, standards and processes that are necessary for interaction at the national and Nordic level. We also have to show the business model for each SME and prepare national implementation from 2020, says Norheim.

Why Nordic collaboration is important

When each country digitizes, the barriers for doing business increase, says David Norheim in the following film

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