Our vision

Our vision is to create value for the SMEs by making real time business data accessible and usable for innovation and growth across the region, in an automatic, consent based and secure manner.

The core idea is that structured and standardised business data can be shared automatically and thereby replace burdensome manual handling of data exchange. This involves alignment of digital systems and services as opposed to digital silos, and requires collaboration across sectors using the business data.

The mission is thus not to implement a centralised IT-system, but to enable and facilitate a transformation of the Nordic ecosystem and business processes, both nationally and across the Nordic borders. 

Once Nordic Smart Government and Business is fully implemented, it will be easier for businesses to interact with other businesses and authorities. This requires that systems processing business data – both private and government systems – become connected, so information can flow seamlessly and be shared.

Visualised vision of NSG

Watch the movie about the NSG&B vision

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