The Nordic Smart Government roadmap is ready for external review -see new deadline!

Comments to the Nordic Smart Government roadmap (draft) are welcome! New deadline is the 1st of May.

Nordic Smart Government 3.0. (NSG) is now entering its final phase and we need your input to the NSG roadmap. Therefore, we welcome authorities, business associations, financial service providers, auditors and accountants, SMEs, partners and others to give input to the roadmap. 

What is the Nordic Smart Government roadmap?

The roadmap presents a vision and direction for future Nordic digitalisation, involving collaboration and co-creation with the private sector. The NSG roadmap is a strategy for realising the vision of Nordic Smart Government:

  • The vision of Nordic Smart Government is to create value for businesses, public authorities and society by making real-time business data usable and accessible across the region in an automatic, consent-based and secure manner. 

NSG is not an attempt to build a new Nordic infrastructure, but to align existing and new digital systems and services, and to make access of data across the region possible.  The roadmap thus states a long term ambition and gives direction for Nordic digitalisation and collaboration in the many years to come. The roadmap proposes six core areas to work on over the next three to four years. In these areas stakeholders are invited to participate in co-creation to ensure an efficient and aligned development to the benefit of all parties. The roadmap is still a draft and we need your input in order to finalise it. 

Why is this important to me?

Nordic Smart Government is going to create value and new opportunities for several stakeholders in the following years to come in the Nordic countries. Realisation of NSG will mainly benefit the business system vendors, government authorities, SMEs and financial service providers, but other stakeholders in the NSG ecosystem will also reap the benefits. But realisation of the NSG vision will also require action and major changes for several stakeholders. Therefore, in order to achieve synchronised development and common services across borders, some of the actions are best done in collaboration. 

How do I give input?

We welcome all to go to our NSG roadmap online and add comments. In the right corner of the document, you will find a symbol of a textbox. Click on the textbox and then click "comment" and you are ready to go. If you have problems adding comments in the document, please write an email to Mai Fersløv Andersen ( and she will help you out. New deadline for comments is the 1st of May.