Dialogue meeting in Norway

On the 9th of October 2019 a Norwegian dialogue meeting took place in Oslo at Christiania Qvartalet.

  • 14. November 2019
  • News from Nordic Smart Goverment and Business

Our work with reducing administrative burdens for the SMEs by automating financial processes and reporting is making progress! As a part of our vision, we are currently working on a set of capabilities which are needed by a business in a Nordic Smart Government enabled future. Furthermore, we are working on the actions needed to achieve those capabilities. Right now, we are still in a "draft" stage, and the actions are only suggestions. To improve our work with the capabilities and the belonging actions, we need feedback from you! Feedback from stakeholders gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our deliverables and is something we as a programme find valuable.

The 9th of October, we will present some suggested actions to achieve the capabilities with the aim to enable discussion and hopefully get a lot of questions from stakeholders. There is also going to be presentations from different governmental authorities and two business system vendors are commenting on the Nordic Smart Government mission and deliverables. We aim for great discussion and valuable feedback from you!