Comments welcome on the NSG Capabilities until 20 February

External review of NSG deliverables: We need your help to give feedback on the NSG Capability-document.

About this document 

The capability-document takes a top-down approach to identify what capabilities (abilities) are needed by a business in a NSG enabled future. The document will serve as a basis for requirements to the business systems and the ecosystem in general. The document also includes possible actions to achieve the different capabilities. The possible actions are based on internal work and meetings with important stakeholders, e.g. business system vendors, value added services and different governmental institutions. Behind each action a stakeholder is presented in brackets. This stakeholder is most likely to conduct / implement the action. 

It's important to note that the actions are possible actions, which means they are still ongoing work and need more detailing and feedback from stakeholders.

What do we want feedback on?

  • Do you believe some actions are more important than others? (regarding fulfilling the capability) 
  • Are there any possible actions you believe should be included? 

Please comment if the actions are unclear or hard to understand, or if you have other comments regarding the content.  

You are more than welcome to comment directly in the document, and it's up to you if you want to comment anonymously or not. A third option is to send your comments to Sindre Skogen (team Norway)