Comments welcome on the NSG User Principles until 20 February

We have formulated nine "User Principles", which we would like your feedback on.

In Nordic Smart Government, our ambition is to make life simpler for small & medium-sized businesses. During the last year we've been in contact with many SMEs as well as providers of services and systems, in order to better understand the needs of the SMEs.

In order to create an extract of our findings, we have formulated nine "User Principles".

The principles expresses an ideal situation – contrasting the situation many of the SMEs experience today. The principles must not be read as a list of requirements that will be fulfilled by the NSG project, but a tool to guide the work to ensure we work towards the ambition of simplifying life for SMEs, in order to avoid a focus on only solving public sector needs.

Now we want your feedback on the principles. Do you agree that it is wasteful to enter the same information manually over and over again? That it would be great to always have a reliable and up-to-date view of how your business is doing, financially? And that it would be great if the government was better co-ordinated in all its requirments towards SMEs?

Please go to our User Principles-document and add your comments – whether you agree or disagree. If your general impression is either positive or negative, a +1 or -1 to signal that, would be much appreciated. And if you add an explanation we will be super-happy!