Reliability and data quality

Reliability and data quality consists of cooperation with other parties to give SME's access to data services that provides trust with qualitative and reliable data in order to conduct their business in a secure and transparent manner. Project manager for solution area Reliability and data quality is Torbjörn Ull.

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Watch a short video where former project manager Veronica Silfur presents solution area Reliability and data quality.

  • Today, SME’s have limited opportunities for automatic validation of information in transactions as well as information about business partners.
  • In order to realise the NSG vision, high quality bookkeeping and transactional data need to be guaranteed. Unless the data is correct and reliable, it cannot be used in automated processes and shared with confidence in real time.
  • The aim is to make it as easy to trade in a reliable and standard way with a vendor from another nordic country as it is to trade with a vendor within a specific nordic country. Same information should be available cross border and as easy to retrieve as in your own country.
  • SMEs can ease data sharing, audit, reconciliation and promote compliance, and validate information in transactions automatically to reduce fraudulent transactions.
  • SMEs can validate information about their trading partners’ legal status, bank account and VAT registration information in integrated business systems.
  • SMEs can evaluate their national and Nordic trading partners in terms of financial stability and reliability, using official information on their business enterprise across the Nordics.
  • Recommendation on which information to make available, based on use cases and analysis of importance and availability.
  • Nordic concept and information model for the recommended information elements, based on related EU work (BRIS, TOOP project, SDGR, STIRData).
  • Specification of standard Nordic machine interface for the different information sources.
  • “Data Catalogue”, including lookup service to where you can access the actual data.
Torbjörn Ull

Torbjörn Ull, project manager Reliability and data quality

Project manager Torbjörn Ull

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