Nordic SmartGovernment consists of five work packages delivering five specific reports, under management of the different parties involved:

1. Business case
Aims at estimating B2B benefits in the Nordic countries.
The Danish Business Authority.

2. Test of datawarehouse
Aims at specifying and demonstrating a datawarehouse for effective handling of financial data in B2B
The Finnish Association of Accounting Firms.

3. Stakeholder analysis
Aims at identifying stakeholder needs and interests in the Nordic Countries
The Swedish Companies Registration Office.

4. Report on technic and architecture
Aims at describing a possible reference architecture for an infrastructure
The Brønnøysund Register Centre.

5. Communications initiative
Aims at promoting understanding of the concept and potential among central stakeholders
The Danish Business Authority

The Nordic partners prime competence is financial data, thus the project is limited to this domain. In principle, the vision encompass all data which are reported from businesses to governments according to law.