Knowledge Sharing

Deloitte on SmartGovernment data model
Report from June 2016 providing a preliminary and high level data model.


Deloitte on stakeholder analysis
Stakeholder analysis from 2017 based on interviews with more than 70 key stakeholders in the Nordic region.


EY on B2B BC
Report from January 2018 showing substantial benefits for SMEs when sharing and utilising data more efficiently in the business-to-business processes and internal business processes.


KMPG on security analysis
High-level security analysis from June 2016 on how to ensure a secure SmartGovernment environment.


Test of data warehouse
Proof-of-Concept which demonstrates the technical possibility of SmartGovernment, i.e. the possibility of making financial reports automatically.


DanSense - B2B Nordic Data Exchange
Overview of Nordic interfaces and standards for exchange of data between business actors in procurement, payment, inventory management and product catalogue management.


Nordic SmartGovernment Architecture Report
The report covers some major business processes related to Nordic SmartGovernment and some application functions needed to make this a reality.


Nordic SmartGovernment Folder 2018 - a brief introduction