Our ambition is to make life simpler for SMEs in the Nordic Region


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The ambition of Nordic Smart Government is to make life simpler for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the Nordic region by changing the use of financial data and making it available for public and private actors in real-time. This will increase innovation and growth in the Nordic region and create a smoother everyday life for SMEs by greatly reducing their administrative burdens.

This programme is one of a kind in the Nordic Region and will create value for businesses, public authorities and society by sharing data across the region in an automatic, intelligent and secure manner. Nordic Smart Government is a driver of an integrated Nordic region, which is the ambition of the Nordic Prime Ministers. The programme was launched by the Nordic Ministers of Business in May 2018, and is supported financially by Nordic Innovation.

The Nordic Smart Government vision can be realised by 2027 through interoperable ecosystems of digital solutions. The ecosystem provides real time business data for Business-to-Business and for Business-to-Government, and meets the need of Nordic SMEs.

The value of making financial data available to Nordic SMEs is estimated by Ernst & Young to be approximately 200 billion DKK yearly from 2027


The goal of the programme is to provide a roadmap by 2020, including legislative and technical implementation across the Nordic countries, to the Nordic Ministers of Business.


Watch a video about Smart Government

Watch this video for more details on how the SMEs may save time by an automated data flow between businesses and government.